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U Awesome

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Product code: U Awesome

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Product Descriptions:

U Awesome is created with the stylish slim curve and strong shape line. Outstanding back cover is applied futuristic design.
If you want to some chair with character, U Awesome would be the best choice for you.

1. Seat Height Adjustment:
- Lift right-hand lever up to adjust the seat height without sitting on the chair.
- To lower seat height, lift right-hand lever up while seated.
- For optimal posture, thighs should be parallel with the ground and both feet flat on the floor. This improves blood circulation and comfort.

2. Seat Position Locking-recliner Synchron Mechanism:
- Push in the right hand lever to lock the seat position.
- Pull outwards the lever to unlock.
- The mechanism provides dunamic seating which maintains support as you move and recline.

3. Tension Control:
- Turn tension control clockwise for a more rigid back tilt and anti clockwise for a softer tension to suit control according to body weight.
- The tension control allows comfortable and relaxed seating according to body weight.

4. Headrest:
With height and angle adjustment that provide ergonomic support for the neck to prevent cervical strains.

5. Adjustable Armrest Height adjustment armrest with PU padding on top to provide comfortable resting position for the arms.

Max load to 100kg

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